Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Boss Day Card

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We have a lot in common, what I meant to say was Happy Boss Day!

These fun colors just looked like sunshine to me so I weaved some scraps into a circle and then stamped the words on the sunshine rays.  I used the extra two pieces I cut from the top of the circle to add dimensions to the card by popping them up on the bottom of the sun.  
For the inside sentiment, I used my printer.  How did I get it to print on the small strips you ask?
Step 1:  design your sentiment in a word document, leaving enough space between the lines and print it out
Step 2:  place your cut strips OVER the printed words with removable adhesive
Step 3:  run the same page back through the printer and hit print again - this time it will print on your strips
Note: make sure you have your page in to print on the same side as the first time

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