Scrap Lingo

Enjoy these fun scrapbooking lingo - jargon - buzz words.  Contributions from my scrapbooking buddies Joanna, PJ, Kristin and Elaine:

Scrap Gyver - using unique items on your pages

Naked Daubers - ink daubers that have not been used yet - new

Croptastrophy - dropping a tub full of embellishments and the lid falls off

Table Annex - when your craft supplies take over someones table space

Cropportunity - Hay Ladies, we have a cropping opportunity

OCD - Obsessive Cropping Disorder

Crimped Out - 1) Exhausted all crimping abilities  2) lots of crimping on a layout

Crop Insurance - what you need when there are scissors involved

Cropfetti - what is left on the floor after a great day of scraping

Scraptastic - excellent, incredible

Scraptacular - visually impressive

Scrapnull - what our scrap tables look like during our crops

Scrap Jacker - same as Scrap Lifter - imitation is the highest form of flattery

Crop-o-maniac -is a state of abnormally elevated energy levels

Desperate Scrapwives

Cropio = Scrapbooker's Cardio from bringing in your craft supplies

Ladies start your Cricuts.....

Don't mess with a scrapbooker she will punch your EYELETS out! 

It's all fun and games until somebody loses an EYELET.

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