Spouse (Significant Other) Support w Crafting

How does your spouse or significant other support you with your scrapbooking / crafting?

Here is a list from my scrap buddies.
  • Loads scrap stuff
  • Unloads scrap stuff
  • Showing off our creations
  • Completes household chores and errands while we scrap
  • Reminds us of upcoming scrapping events
  • Volunteers to load all other scrapper's stuff
  • Save unique textured flower wrap for your craft
  • Suggests pictures and events to scrap
  • Watches the children while you scrap
  • Never complains about time spent scraping 
  • "Let's" me spend money on my craft
  • My hubby supports me by understanding why I need to lock myself in my craftroom! And lets me escape to Scrapbook Retreats!
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